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Truckstop Salvation (Jimmy Buffett)
Words and Music by Jimmy Buffett
>From the Album "Before the Beach"


G    G/C    (repeat)

	Verse 1:

Am                C
Straight-laced leather-faced
B/G                      D                        G     G/C
He rolled in like he owned the two bit town
Am                                   D
Dollar bills bulging from his bell bottomed jeans
      B/G          D                   G        G/C
The population they gathered 'round
Em                                     G
Nothing this exciting since a fertilizer truck blew a
Am                                   D      D/G6      D      D/G6
Front tire and landed in the creek
Am                     C
Everybody talkin' everybody strainin'
B/G                       D        G     G/C
Tryin'  to get a little peek


                 Am                    C
It's just the word they'll never know
         B/G                 D
Not a country fair sideshow
   Am              C                     D
A reality they'll somehow never see
       Am                     C
He's what they tried to kill
               B/G                  D
With their Bibles and their stills
      Am                         C                     D      D/G6
D      D/G6
But he's not weird just a man that's bein' free

	Repeat Intro.

	Verse 2:

Payin' for the gas he wickedly shouted thanks
And continued on his journey once again
Just about that time a siren fast approachin'' and
The pot bellied sheriff he whizzed right in
With his self inflicted grammar started shoutin'
Accusations at the long haired greasy looking ape
While a local D.J. from the fifty watt station got
The whole damn thing on tape

	Repeat Chorus

	Repeat Intro.

	Verse 3:

The holy roller preacher told the eager congregation
That the devil has passed right through their nest
But the teenage girls with their locks in curls were
Talkin' 'bout that hair upon his chest
Now the kids got their cookie while the preacher saved some souls
And the story spread to everyone in sight
Commotion was the word and everybody heard
He was gone before the night

	Repeat Chorus

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