Jimmy Eat World – Disintegration tab

Tuning for this song is Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb
I never detune my guitar but that's obviously why they're playing in what
seems to be F minor. It's my first tab, so wish me luck!

Verse:  F#m                                                             E
        I've spent my last nights strung up and pulled tight. Holding out, 
           F#m    D          A               E                  F#m
sleep and grow.    An answer comes without a please: 'Do what you want.'

Chorus:              D                E          F#m
        Wonder why I'm so caught of guard when we kiss
      Rather live my life in        regret then do this. 
What happened to the love we both knew? We both chased.
      Hanging on a cigarette you need me, you burn me you'll burn me

Bridge:  Bm                     D                           
        Lie lie better next time, stay on my side tonight oh… 
Lie lie better next time, stay on my side tonight oh…

That's all there is, its actually very similar to Cautioners, at least in
its chorus (make that, identical).  But, I love this song, if you don't
have someone that you pine for stuck in your head when you listen to this
song, you need to put down your guitar and go out in the world and go get
frustrated. You'll be a better artist for it!
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