Jimmy Eat World – Hear You Me tab

Title: Here You Me 
Band: Jimmy Eat World 
Album: Bleed American

Hey guys this is a great song and is extremely easy to play, exept for in the Chorus, these
chords are all modifications of the "D" chord. This is 99% accurate and sounds great when you 
play it along to the song with an acoustic guitar. If you have any corrections e-mail them to 
me at nath_da_man24@hotmail.com, and I'll update ASAP. Happy playings =]

Capo 2


D Dsus Dsus2 D/Ae|--2----0------0-----0---|B|--3----3------3-----3---|G|--2----2------2-----2---|D|--0----0------0-----2---|A|--x----x------0-----0---|E|--x----x------3-----x---|
Intro: D Dsus Dsus2 Dsus D/A VERSE 1: D Dsus Theres No One In town That I know Dsus2 You Gave us some place to go D/A I never said thank-you for that Thought I might get one more chance Verse 2 D Dsus So what would you think of me now? Dsus2 So lucky, So Strong, So Proud D/A I never Said Thank You For that Now I'll never have a chance CHORUS: D A Dsus May angels lead you in D A Dsus Hear you me my friends D A E Dsus On sleepless roads the sleepless go D A Dsus May angels lead you in REPEAT INTRO REPEAT VERSE 2 REPEAT CHORUS FOR SOLO AND INTERLUDE REPEAT CHORUS CHORDS. VERSE 3 CHORUS Verse 3 Lyrics: If you were with me tonight, I'd sing to you just one more time, A song for a heart so big, God wouldn't let it live.
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