Jimmy Eat World – Christmas Card tab

Jimmy Eat World- Christmas Card
Music By Jim Adkins and Thomas Linton
Lyrics By Jim Adkins
Tabbed By Daniel Marren
Tuning: Standard Tuning (E,A,D,G,B,e)

im sure this isnt perfect, but it does sound very very close. i love this song,
and i couldnt find any tabs for it anywhere, so i figured i might as well tab it
myself and finally get a tab out for this song. feel free to correct it.
corrections or coments welcome at dannyeatworld@hotmail.com . i hope you enjoy.


Guitar 1 - clean-------2-------2-----4-2---------------------------2h3-3---2h3-3---2h3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- x2
verse: Guitar 1 repeats inro throughout verse
Guitar 2 - distorston-----------4----4-4--2-4----2-
pre chorus:
Guitar 1 - clean, repeated from end of verse until chorus------------------------------------4-2----------------2--2h4-------2-----------------------------4---4--0--0---------0---0---0-----------------------------
Guitar 2 - clean, repeated twice starting with pre chorus vocals until chorus---------------------------------------------------------------------2-2---2h4-4-2---2-2---2-2----------------------------------2----0-----0---------0-----0-------0----------------------------------
chorus (part 1):
Guitar 1 - distortion------------------------------------4-3------------------3---3-------3---0---0----4---4-------4---4---0------4---4-------4---4----------2---2-------2---2---------
Guitar 2 - distortion------------------------------------4-3------------------3---3-------3---3--------4---4-------4---4---3------4---4-------4---4-----0----2---2-------2---2---------
then the chorus vocals kick in and, (part 2):
Guitar 1 - distortion, strum each note quickly, changing with guitar 2-0-0-0--0-0-0--4-6-2--4-6-2--2-4-0--0-0-0-
Guitar 2 - distortion, each note played once, changing with guitar 1----------------------4-6-2--4-6-2--2-4-0-
then after the chorus vocals, it goes into this bit here, (part 3):
Guitar 1- still distorted, strum this quickly until verse-0-0-0--0-0-0--9-9-9--9-9-9--7-7-7--0-0-0-
Guitar 2- till distorted, strum this quickly until verse or outro----------------------9-9-9--9-9-9--7-7-7-
Guitar 1- stays distorted-0-0--0-0--6-4--6-4--4-2--0-0- strum these through the "hope you figure out what it is..."
------------------------------------4-3------------------3---3-------3---0---0----4---4-------4---4---0------4---4-------4---4----------2---2-------2---2--------- "you want... want..."
-------------------------------9^-9^-9^-9^-9-----------------7^-7^-7^-7^-7---------------- x4
----------------------4-3----3---3------4---4--------4---4--------2---2------- end
Guitar 2 - also distorted----------------8-4--8-4--4-2- strum these
----------------------8-6-4--8-6-4--4-4-2- "hope you figure out.." and "what it is.."
------------------------------------4-3------------------3---3-------3---3--------4---4-------4---4---3------4---4-------4---4-----0----2---2-------2---2--------- "you want... want.."
----------------------------------------9-10-9-10-9--9-10-9-10-9--7-8--7-8--7- x4
----------------------4-3----3---3------4---4--------4---4--------2---2------- end
Structure and Lyrics: INTRO ([starts out with silence] 0:09-0:14) VERSE (0:14-0:34) Hey, still srting little girl are you looking at or past me? Worry, simple symptoms wont leave you in this underweight or red in the eyes. PRE CHORUS (0:34-0:54) No more rules. The ones we make dont last a night. CHORUS part 1 (0:54-1:04) CHORUS part 2 (1:04-1:14) So pick up the pieces. Start again, start over Tuesday morning. Conscience clean. CHORUS part 3 (1:14-1:16) VERSE (1:16-1:36) This card, postmark December twenty three. Caption reads, "How does he fo it?" Mrs. too bad he treats me like im dead. If nothing works, just make it easy. PRE CHORUS ([theres a little drum solo first] 1:41-1:51) No more lies. The ones we live will work just fine. CHORUS part 1 (1:51-1:59) CHORUS part 2 (1:59-2:09) (same vocals as before) CHORUS part 3 (2:09-2:11) Alone! OUTRO (2:11-2:56) Hope you figure out what it is you want.
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