Jimmy Nail - Crocodile Shoes tab

Am F G Am F 

       F                        C 
wine  beer and spirits all the  time  
               G                 F              C 
though I have  you still she's  always on my  mind  
            G                  C 
the rain falls  dowm i'm soaking  through  
            G                  C 
i'm an  old man inside a young man's  suit  
    Am         F 
my crocodile  shoes are crying  too  
          G             F                C  
for the  know how much  love I have for  you  

           Am      C          G 
crocodile  shoes   crocodile  shoes  

           Am      C G        F G Am C 
crocodile  shoes   crocodile  shoes                

      F                     C 
wine  beer and spirits take me  down  
     F          G               Bm 
the lights are  low and there's no one else  around    
             C                    F 
the  waitress sure looks pretty and that's a bad  sign  
            G         F                 C 
I smile at  her still you're  always on my  mind  

 G                 C 
i've lost so  much in a short  time  
             G                   C 
don't se my  kids how i miss my  wife  
           Am         F 
I let the  world slip through my  hands  
        G             F              C 
and now i'm  talking to the  only friends i  have  

they are crying too  
they are crying too
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