Jimmy Rankin - Here In My Heart chords

Jimmy Rankin - Here in My Heart (2011) Single
chords by BG (all edits welcome)
Standard Tuning - Capo on 3

G Em  G  Em

Verse I
GSomeone is always breaking down
D/F#Packing their clothes
EmLeaving for good
COr coming back home
GEither we're like strangers
D/F# Or the best of friends
EmTaking all night
CNever speaking again
GGivin' it up
D/F#Lettin' it go
AmHoldin' back
CRiskin' it all
GFallin' in love
D/F#Falling apart
F CThere's never a dull moment
GHere in my heart
G Em
GSometimes I think we're crazy
D/F#To be doing this at all
Em CGoing down in circles running into walls
GMaybe we're just used to
D/F#livin' on the edge
Em CWe got this far but we are not there yet
Chorus x2
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