You Are tab with lyrics by Jimmy Wayne - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jimmy Wayne – You Are tab

C                   D
Baby when I look at you
     Am                         D
You know it breaks my heart in two
      Am           F
How beautiful you are

C                       D
Seen you in a million dreams
Am                  G        D
Now you're finally here with me
  C     Am         D
We will never be apart -

   G                 Am
I wanna hold you forever
        C        Am   D-----Am
That's all I'll ever need...

Am          G     Am         F
You are my love, you are my life
My heart and soul
       C                D
The truest friend I've ever known
Am          G      Am         F
You are my world, all of my dreams
     D           G
My fantasy, my reality
           F           C
I love everything you are

 C                     D
Every time I close my eyes
   Am             D
Hits me so deep inside
     Am                F
How real this feeling is

C                        D
I'm intoxicated by your touch
      Am              G
It's a sweet, sweet rush
        C         Am    F
I'm in love with your kiss

G               Am          
You're the one that I trust the most
C    Am     D-----Am
You changed me...


  F                F            C
Everything, I love everything, you are.
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