Jj Cale – Cocaine tab

                         Tabbed by: Mark Peters
                    Email: markpeterz@hotmail.co.uk

This is a tab for the pre-release version of the song. It's not called 'Cocaine' anymore 
it was never released on the album. The updated versions is called 'I'll Stay' i believe.

This is what i tabbed it from...


Tuning: Standard - *Capo 2*


I forget you on your lips..

       C     G     A     G

Chorus: Love is such a cruel game...It won't love you to you feel the same
F Ge|-----3-----3-----------------------------------|B|-----1-----1-----------------------------------|G|-----2-----0--------(REPEAT UNTIL NEXT VERSE)--|D|-----3-----0-----------------------------------|A|-----0-----2-----------------------------------|E|-----0-----3-----------------------------------|
Lyrics: Apologies, but for one there are two different versions of the lyrics... i'm not sure one's they've finalised yet, and secondly, i couldn't pick them out if i tried.. i got the jist of them but then i listened to a different version and they were all different! I attempted though! IF ANYONE HAS PROPER LYRICS PLEASE SEND ME THEM AND I'LL CHANGE THEM Verse 1: C G A G I forget you on your lips C G A G Half an hour but your heart stops beating C G A G Nothing like your fingertips Half an hour but your love is.....??? Chorus: F G Love is such a cruel game F G And it wont love you til you feel the same C (back to verse pattern) And you got high Verse 2: I was once a man like you Looking everywhere for nothing after I forget what i went through I would love you but i'd have to answer Chorus: F G Love is such a cruel game F G And it wont love you 'til you feel the same F G And it wont watch you til you feel that pain F G And you won't feel me down?? F G How does it.....??? F G ....game of love??? F Cocaaaaaine Chorus: Love is such a cruel game And it wont love you 'til you feel the same And i wont hate you 'til you go my way And you wont let me down How does it feel feeling down Beating yourself...??? Cocaine | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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