Jj Cale - Sensitive Kind chords

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Sensitive Kind chords
J.J. Cale

Dm G Dm G Dm A Dm

DmDon't take her for granted,
she has a hard time
GDon't misunderstand her,
Dmor play with her mind
Treat her so gently,
G Dmit will pay you in time
A G7You've got to know,
Dm Ashe's the sensitive kind
DmTell her you love her,
each and every night
GYou will discover,
Dmshe will treat you right
If you believe,
G DmI know you will find
A G7There ain't nothing like,
Dm Athe sensitive kind
Dm G Dm G Dm A Dm
DmShe gets so lonely,
waiting for you
GYou are the only,
Dmthing to help her through
Don't take her for granted,
G Dmshe has a hard time
A G7You've got to know,
Dm she's the sensitive kind
Dm G Dm G Dm A Dm 3x Set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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