Jj Cale – Long Way Home chords


B A G A x2

B AEarly in the morning, about a quarter to four
G AMe and my girlfriend walkin' out the door
E DWe're heading for the car and we got right in
B AAnd that's when I noticed the shape she was in
EShe turned to me and said right out
B ALet's steer it awhile, let's steer it about
D A ETake the long way home
D A E Take the long way home Make this night last
B AWell we drove down town and up in the woods
G AWe drove around and around till I understood
E DI was holding the wheel, she was making out
B AAnd all this time I was driving about
EShe was fondling my hair and hugging my neck
B AAnd all I was thinking was, oh what the heck
Repeat Chorus Solo Break B A G A x8
B AI was looking in the mirror and to my surprise
G AThere was two big red lights shining in my eyes
E DI pull over and he drove alongside
B AAnd out of his car and up to my right
EHe looked at her and she looked at him
B AAnd the next thing I noticed he got right in
Repeat Chorus Repeat Verse pattern for 2nd Solo Repeat Chorus Repeat Solo Break until End
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