Jj Cale – Dont Go To Strangers tab

Tabbed by Fredrik Koller Lund (s212@ii.uib.no)

DON'T GO TO STRANGERS From "Naturally" 1st album.
Recorded in A
Arranged in Bb

I used to have the tab for this masterpiece, but I seem to have misplaced it.
Anyway, I know the intro by heart, and the rest of the song is basically spun around the same theme.

INTRO: optional Gm Bb C Gm (turnaround)E-----------------|--------------------|---------------------|---------|H-----------------|------------------1-|-1------1------------|--1------|G---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3---0-|-0---3--0--3---0--0--|--0--3---|D---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3-----|-----3-----3---0--0--|-----3---|A-----------------|----------1---------|---------------------|---------|E-----------3-----|--------------------|---------------------|---------|
Gm Bb D CE-----------------|--------------------|---------------------|H-----------------|------------------3-|-3-----1---3---------|G---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3---2-|-2-----0---2---------|D---0---0-------0-|--3---3-------3-----|---------------------|A-----------------|----------1---------|---------------------|E-----------3-----|--------------------|---------------------|
(Then there's a solo part over the same theme.) (If any of you have trouble figuring this one out: Send me a mail and I'll try to help!) (Song starts:) Gm Bb C Gm If Im standing in a crowd ___ call my name, ___ call it loud. Gm Bb D7 Don't go to strang-ers, woman,____ call on me. Gm Bb C G Wave your arm in the air,___ let me know____ that you're there D7 G When in doubt,____ oh, woman, call on me (Main solo part starts. Progression: G Bb C G G Bb D7 Gm Bb C Gm D7 Gm) C G Don't leave me here to rust.____ Don't let me turn to dust._ D7 Oh, wom-an, when in doubt,____ call on me.____ G Bb C G If I'm stand-ing in a crowd,_____ call my name,___ call it loud.__ D7 G Don't go to stran-gers wom-an, call on me.____
(Outro: Repeat & fade) G Bb C G E------------------|-------------------|-----------------|--------------| H------------------|-------------------|----1---1--1---1-|--------------| G-----0---0--0---0-|-----3---3--3---3--|----0---0--0---0-|----0--0-0----| D-----0---0--0---0-|-----3---3--3---3--|-----------------|----0--0-0--0-| A------------------|--1----------------|-3---------------|--------------| E--3---------------|-------------------|-----------------|-3------------|
I hope you enjoy it, but remember: If you want to play along with the recorded version you'll have to rearrange it in A.
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