Jjamz - Heartbeat tab

Heartbeat - JJAMZ
Tabbed by: JBTheLefty
Email: jsb111093@gmail.com
Tuning: Standard

Band's Website: http://jjamzmusic.com/

For this song, I will put the main chord progression for rhythm guitar, and I will tab 
out the solos for lead guitar. If you canít play the exact chords shown, just follow the 
chord letters and simplify them. If you see anything wrong, please tell me and I 
will fix it. Enjoy!

Intro: (Rhythm Chords)E|-5-------8-----------------------------------------------------|B|-7--10--10----10-----------------------------------------------|G|-7---9ó-10----10-----------------------------------------------|D|-7---7--10--------(x2)-----------------------------------------|A|-5---0---8-----8-----------------------------------------------|E|---------8-----------------------------------------------------| D A G/D G
Intro: (Lead Guitar) (Comes in on second time)E|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------12---14---12-11-12----------12----14---12-11-----------|A|---12------12---12-------------12-------12---12------12--------|E|-14---14---------------------14----14-------------------14~~---|
Verse 1: D G Who am I to say I want you back? D G When you were never mine to give away. A G A G I was waiting for a long, long time for you to feel the same. D G Who are you to look at me like that? D G Is there something more you need to say? A G I haven't loved you in a long, long time, A G (Hold) so why do I feel this way? Chorus: D Bm Can you hear my heartbeat? A G Please don't stand so close to me D Bm A G Can you hear my heartbeat still beating strong? Repeat Intro Verse 2: D G Maybe I'm ashamed to want you back D G Maybe I'm afraid you'll never stay A G Thought I hated you a long, long time A G There was my mistake D G I just can't pretend that nothing's changed D G Can you comprehend just what to say? A G If you break my heart a second time, A G I might never be the same Chorus 2: D Bm Can you hear my heartbeat? A G Please don't stand so close to me. D Bm A G Can you hear my heartbeat still beating strong? Break: D Guitar Solo: Chords for Rhythm D G D G D G D G
Guitar Solo (Uses Sub-Octave effects)E|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|---7-9-7---7-9-9b11r9-7-------7-9-7---7-9-11-------------------|A|/9-------9--------------9-7-9-------9--------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
A G I haven't loved you in a long, long time A G Thought I hated you a long, long time A G If you break my heart one more time, A G I won't ever be the same Verse 3: D Bm Can you hear my heartbeat? A G Please don't stand so close to me D Bm A G Can you feel my heartbeat still beating strong? Chorus 3: (Key Change) F Dm Can you hear my heartbeat? C Bb When you stand so close to me F Dm C Bb Can you hear my heartbeat still beating strong? F Dm C Bb Still beating strong F Dm C Bb Still beating strong
Outro Guitar Solo:E|------------------------------------------||-|-----------------|B|-----------------------------------------o||-|----Repeat-------|G|------------------------------------------||-|------as---------|D|----10-12-10----10-12-12b14r12-10---------||-|----Needed-------|A|-12----------12-------------------12-10--o||-|-----------------|E|------------------------------------------||-|-----------------|
That's it! Give me some feedback. Tablature Notation h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend string up r - release bend / - slide up \ - slide down v - vibrato (or ~) t - right hand tap x - play 'note' with heavy muting
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