Foolin chords with lyrics by Jmsn - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jmsn – Foolin chords

BOh, whoa-ho
BmYeah-yeah, yeah
[Verse 1]
F#You're everything I want, yeah
EIt's something that you got, oh
BAnd i just want to make you stay
BmKeep you here right next to me, yeah
FYou know you turn me on, ah
EIt's a feeling I can't fight, oh no-no
B(So let's make it easy) no
Bm(So simple and easy)
[Bridge 1]
F#The world is calling me but
E(I'd rather stay with you tonight)
You know I'll stay with you tonight
B Bm(I'll never leave your side)
And I'll never leave your side, yeah
F# E(You know this could not feel more right)
You know this could not feel more right
B Bb(So let's just take our time)
So let's just take our time [Chorus]
F# ESee, theres no foolin' around
(As the days come and go)
BYou know there's no foolin' around
BbTheres no foolin'
You know theres no foolin'
B BmThere's no foolin around
(And as we both start to grow) You know there's no foolin' around Theres no foolin'
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