Joan As Police Woman – Nervous chords

okay, so having paid scant attention to all but the chorus of this song
i figured it would be easy to transcribe... but no. the E7 wasn't what i 
though it would be, and the tricky little bastard that is the C#dim that 
i'm still not even totally sure is right, tell me what you think (here is a 
link to a live performance: 
you can sort of see her hand move). anyway, this sounds okay to me. great 
song, lovely voice. if you sing it even half as well as she does you should 
tell someone about it.

this is all relative to a capo on 2

Chords for the verse:

Dm    -x-5-7-7-6-x-
E7    -x-5-6-4-5-x-
Em    -x-7-5-0-0-x-
C#dim -x-4-5-3-4-x-
D5    -x-0-0-2-3-x-
C - open, like normal...and likewise, Bbmaj7 like normal
Dm E7I want you to fall in love with me
Dm E7Can't tell you what's come undone in me
Dm E7I just want your love
Em C#dimI want it now
D5 C Bbmaj7 FI want your face inside of my mind
Dm E7I need you to know I need to be worshipped
Dm E7Like any other queen around
Dm E7What's different about you
Em C#dimFits like a glove
Dm C D#maj7But please ready yourself
Bb FCause I don't come with a manual
Bb C F No, I lost it long ago
F BbTruly, you do just make me nervous
Gm CAnd I'm not used to it
F BbIt's like they say in all those books I never read
Gm CSo I'm not used to it
Bb C FBut I'm not the first to feel that bliss
BbI quite enjoy it
Gm C DmIt's like I fell into your well
Might you really write me letters Yes, I accept long letters ‘Cause I need attention more than you know More than I'll ever admit But you, you seem to understand Right, right from the beggining Oh you seem to comprehend That I'm human, human too Truly, you do just make me nervous And I'm not used to it It's like they say in all those books I never read So I'm not used to it But I'm not opposed to feeling bliss I quite enjoy it It's like I fell into your well
D#With all the diamonds
DmI certainly won't mind it
CMight even be true
C7 ...DmOh but I'm not used to it
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