Joan Baez – Love Song To A Stranger chords

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Love Song To A Stranger chords
Joan Baez *

C Cmaj7 F C  CCG

C Cmaj7 FHow long since I've spent a whole night in a twin bed with a stranger
C C C GHis warm arms all around me?
C Cmaj7 FHow long since I've gazed into dark eyes that melted my soul down
C C C GTo a place where it longs to be?
Em FAll of your history has little to do with your face
Bb F F F C GYou're mainly a mystery with violins filling in space
C Cmaj7 FYou stood in the nude by the mirror and picked out a rose,
C C C Gfrom the bouquet in our hotel
C Cmaj7 FAnd lay down beside me again and I watched the rose,
C C C Gon the pillow as it fell
Em FI sank and I slept in a twilight with only one care;
Bb F to know that when day broke and I woke, that you'd still be there,
Cyou d still be there
C Cmaj7 FThe hours for once they passed slowly, unendingly by
C C C GLike a sweet breeze on a field
C Cmaj7 FYour gentleness came down upon me and I guess I thanked you,
C C C GWhen you caused me to yield
Em FWe spoke not a sentence and took not a footstep beyond
Bb F Our two days together which seemingly soon would be gone,
CSoon would be gone
C Cmaj7 FDon't tell me of love everlasting and other sad dreams,
C C C GI don't want to hear
C Cmaj7 FJust tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other
C C C GFrom a lifetime of cares
Em FBecause if love means forever, expecting nothing returned
Bb FThen I hope I'll be given another whole lifetime to learn,
C Cmaj7 FBecause you gave to me oh so many things it makes me wonder;
C C C Ghow they could belong to me?
C Cmaj7 FAnd I gave you only my dark eyes that melted your soul down;
C C C Gto a place where it longs to be
* Alternate: C = A Cmaj7 = Amaj7 F = D G = E Em = C#m Bb = G Set8
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