Joanie Sommer - Johnny Get Angry chords

D - Bm x 4Verse 1:
D Bm johnny i said that we were though
D Bm Just to see what you would do
G A You stood there and hung your head
G AMade me wish that i were dead, oh
D BmJohnny get angry, Johnny get mad
D Bm Give me the biggest lecture ive ever had
G A AI want a brave man, i want a cave man
D G Johnny show me that you care, really care for me
Verse 2:
D BmEvey time you dance with me
D BmYou let freddy cut in constantly
G A When he does, you never speak
G AMust you always be so meek?
D - Bm x1Solo:up one half step...D# - Cm x2 G# - Bb - D#/Gb/D# - Cm
Verse 2:
D# Cm Every girl wants someone who
D# Cm She can always look up too
G# Bbyou know i love you, of coarse
G# Bblet me know that youre the boss
Chorus: then D# - Cm back and forth until the fade... and im pretty upset that this song wasnt tabed or chorded out already...c'mon people...
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