Bridges And Balloons tab with lyrics by Joanna Newsom - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joanna Newsom – Bridges And Balloons tab

this is standard tuning but with a capo on 2nd fret. so 0's are held by the capo. 4's 
actually 6's...etc.

F#major     G#min   D#min/F#   Bmaj7
4    4      4       4  4       4
0    5      2       2  5       5
1    4      2       x  x       6
x    6      x       x  6       x
x    x      x       4  4       x
0    0      2       0  0       5

just play them with the bass note first with the thumb on every beat, and then index, 
ring, then all on the chord on the +'s

p i m a  P chrd p i m a P  chrd
1 e + a  2 +    3 e + a 4  +

i put 2 version of the F# major and D#min because the second verse she plays P I A M 
the + chord and it sounds a little different.

just make sure that thumb hits the bass note on the beat.

the verses switches between the F#major and D#min.

G#min        Bmaj7
Oh my
F#                       D#min
oh it was a funny little thing
      G#       Bmaj7
to've been the one
to've seen

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