Jocelyn Brown – My Troubled Soul Praise The Mighty Name Of Jesus chords

Verse 1:
E AMy troubled soul why so weighed down
E Byou were not made to bear this heavy load.
E ACast all your burdens upon the Lord
E B EJesus cares, he cares for you.
E A Jesus cares, he cares for you
E BAnd all your worrying wont help you make it through.
E ACast all your burdens upon the Lord
E B EAnd trust again in the promise of his love.
E A I will praise the mighty Name of Jesus,
E BPraise the Lord, the Lifter of my head;
E APraise the Rock of my salvation
E B EAll my days are in his faithful hands.
Verse 2:
E AMy anxious heart, Why so upset?
E BWhen trials come how you so easily forget
E A E B ETo cast your burdens upon the Lord; Trust again in the promise of His love
Optional Refrain:
E A E B ELeaning, leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms
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