Joe Bonamassa - Lonesome Road Blues tab

			 Lonesome Road Blues -  Joe Bonamassa
Tabbed by: Sam Clements

Okay, this is going to be another one of my minimalist tabs. So this is in the key of B, 
use the B
blues scale, i play the blues scale off the 14th fret on the A string. Given that i 
i haven't
figured out the solos, but i have figured out the 12bar progression.

Tuning: Standard

e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------9----------------------11----------9----------------------------|D|---9-----------9-times 2---9----------11-times 1--9- times 1---9---------------|A|---9-times 4---7-----------9--times 2--9----------7------------9---times 2-----|E|---7-----------------------7-----------------------------------7---------------|
Sorry, when i say times 4, 2 or 1, i mean this chord is repeated for 4,2 or 1 bars. The Chord within each bar is strummed a number of times. Repeat for entire song, embellish and improvise when the feeling takes you. Also on the chord hammer on the 7th from the open, i think that's how Joeman does it. Comments will be appreciated. Please be kind, this took me days :-) Hope you enjoy it people. Rock on, peace out etc.
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