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From: (Juergen Helmers)

BE MY NUMBER TWO        Joe Jackson

This is just a simple try to adapt this lovley piano-based
ballad to the guitar. If you need it, I maybe could write
down and mail you the tabs as I play it, but firstgive it a go
and work out your own..


F Bb C F Bb C am7 gm7 C dm7 C

F Bb C F Bb C am7 gm7 C dm7 C


F                    Bb  C
  Won't you be my number two

F                  Bb C
  Being number one or trough (?)

am7                  gm7     C
  There won't be too much to do

       dm7               C
  just smile when I feel blue

F                           Bb C
  And there's not much left of me

F                      Bb  C
  What you get is what you see

am7               gm7 C
  Is it worth the energy

    dm7            C
  I leave it up to you


Bb    F          C            F
  And if you got something to say to me

Bb      F          C        F
  Don't try to lay off only weights on me

Bb  F              C          F
  I know that it's really not fair of me

  Bb9                C9
  But my heart seemed too much action

F                       Bb C
  And every time I look at you

F                      Bb  C
  you'll be who I want you to

am7                gm7   C
  And I'll do what I can do

     dm7             C        Bb^6
  To make a dream or two come true

            Bb^6             gm7    F
  if you be my, if you be my number two.

F Bb C F Bb C am7 gm7 C dm7 C


Bb^6 gm7 gm7/c F^79


F:        Bb:        C:

Use these chords for the first two lines of each verse and the break. The am7, gm7 and dm7 in the rest of each verse are:
am7: gm7: dm7:e|--x------x-------x-------|b|--5------3-------10------|g|--5------3-------10------|d|--5------3-------10------|a|--x------x-------x-------|e|--5------3-------10------|
For last C in each verse I take an upper position:
The Bb9 and the C9 in the end of the break are: Bb9: C9:
So you finally need the chords I play in the end of the Song. I end up in the 10th position (dm7) and progress in a downward movement in an ending-sequence to a finally F^7/9: Play the dm7 at the 10th and the C at the 8th position. Go down two frets to the 6th position and try a Bbmajor6 like this:
In the ending sequence I use the already mentioned gm7 after which I go over a gm7 add C on b-string at first position,
to the last chord, a F major7/9:
I hope you like it and enjoy... Juergen
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