Joe Nichols – Impossible chords

Joe Nichols - The Impossible
Tabbed by Purple People Eater

Intro: G C, G C

G D CMy dad chased monsters from the dark
GChecked underneath my bed
D CHe could lift me with one arm
GWay over top his head
D CHe could loosen rusty bolts
GWith a quick turn of his wrench
D CHe pulled splinters from his hand
EmAnd never even flinched
AmIn thirteen years I'd never seen him cry
C Am C DBut the day that grandpa died I realized
G DUnsinkable ships sink, Unbreakable walls break
Em AmSometimes the things you think would never happen
C DHappen just like that
G Unbendable steel bends
D Am CIf the fury of the wind is unstoppable
Am C Am DI've learned to never underestimate
GThe impossible
Interlude: G C, G C Then there was my junior year Billy had a brand new car It was late the road was wet I guess the curve was just to sharp I walked away without a scratch They brought the helicopter in Billy couldn't feel his legs They said he'd never walk again But Billy said he would And his mom and dad prayed And the day we graduated he stood up to say Chorus Bridge:
Am So don't tell me that it's over
EmDon't give up on you and me
Am CCause there's no such thing as hopeless
Am DIf you believe
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