Joe Perry - Mercy tab

"Mercy" by Joe Perry, from his debut solo album, "Joe Perry"

Joe does all kinds of crazy stuff in this song,  so I only tabbed the first four bars,
is enough to show the main riff he varies throughout the song and the key it's in.  I
usually submit my own tabs but there are NO tabs for Joe Perry's last two albums,  and 

Tuning is one half-step down from standard:

Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Key signature is Eb minor, actually more in the Dorian mode as is typical of Joe Perry,
is just making the minor 6th a major 6th.

4/4 Gtr I|------------------------|---------------------||--5-5-5-5---5-(5)-5-(5)-|-5-5-5-5-5---5-(5)-5-||--5-5-7-7b8r7-(7)-5h=7--|---5-5-7-7b8r7-(7)-5-||--2---------------------|---------------------||------------------------|---------------------||------------------------|---------------------|
Tabbed by Brian Bray, In the name of JOE FUCKIN' PERRY
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