Joe Pug – In The Meantime chords

From the Mile Marker version:

Capo 4

GI'm savin' all my nickels
F CAnd half of every dime
GI'm washin' all the blankets
F CGod knows that I'm tryin'
GI fixed the gate
F C GWe will find each other so they say
FIn the meantime
G CI'm lonesome while I wait
G I'm lyin' to my family
F COf who I'm thinkin' about
GI had another woman
F CSomehow she found out
GShe always knew
F C GWe'll be honest with each other, me and you
FIn the meantime
G CI'll break a heart or two
GNow I'm sellin' saws and hammers
F CFor half of what they're worth
GI'm dreamin' for a living
F CI got no time for work
GIt's gettin' hard
F C GOne day we will never be apart
FIn the meantime
G CI'm wonderin' where you are
GNow I'm burnin' sheets of plywood
F CI pried up off the floor
GThe house is out of lumber
F CAt least for now I'm warm
GFor now I'm warm
F C GWe'll be warm beneath the Carolina moon
FIn the meantime
G CI should find another room
Interlude G F G F C G F G F G C
GI'm drinkin' from the faucet
F CI'm lucky when I sleep
GI'm sleepin' in the closet
F CI'm scared of the police
GWhat should I do?
F C GOne day you will be my reason too
FIn the meantime
G CI'll just be passing through
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