Joe – I Believe In You tab

I Believe In You
Transcribed by Soch Hean

Capo 1st Fret

   F                                   Am
I never believed in dreaming, it never got me very far
           Gm                                       C
I never believed that love could find me, like an arrow through the heart
    F                                       Am
I never believed in miracles, or building castles in the air
      Gm                                 C
Not until that day I found you, turned around and you were there

Bb                                     C
From the day you came, you gave me, a whole new point of view
             Gm                        C
I've been touched by an angel, it's impossible, but true

F            C
I believe in you
I swear that forever from today 
No one will ever take your place
F             C
I believe in you                  
         Gm                        F
And I believe our love will last always

Verse 2:
   F                                       Am
I never believed in fairy tales, though sometimes I wish I could
            Gm                                    C
I never believed that golden slippers could ever find the perfect foot
   F                                  C
I never believed in magic, or that wishes could come true
          Gm                                           C
But your very first kiss changed all this, something only you could do

Bb                            C
You made me a believer, you made me trust again
     Gm                               C
You showed there's a pot of gold, at every rainbow's end


Dm     Am   Dm       Am
Only love, sets you free
Gm                              C
And if you serve to fate, then you're my destiny
Dm     Am   F/D  F  Bb
Now I know, now  I see
Gm                    C
Anything can happen, if you just believe


F:   133211
Am:  x02210
C:   x32010
Gm:  355333
Bb:  x13331
F/D: xx0211
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