If You Got Somebody Waiting chords with lyrics by Joel Alme - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joel Alme – If You Got Somebody Waiting chords

Note: Chords joined with a "-" are suposed to be played quicker.

Capo #2
Intro G  Bm  C - Bm - Am 
      C - Bm - Am - D - G
G Bm I hate days when it was hard to live
C G - D But I've never been afraid to die
G Bm But I've met someone good
C A - D And now I'm scared like a little child
G 'Cos I got someone
Bm 'Cos I got somebody waiting
C - Bm - Am They always put their heart in
C - Bm - Am - D - G But they really need me, need me, need me back
If you find someone good That stays when others leave That cares for you, that fights for you You better stay with someone that straight with you 'Cos if you've got someone If you got somebody waiting They always puts their heart in
C - Bm - Am - D - C You better give them one more day in your life
C G C B (x2)
E Abm A - B If you got someone, got someone waiting (x4)
When played acoustic, Joel adds an outro like this: B A Abm F#m E Tabbed by @kint_sugi
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