Baruch Adonai chords with lyrics by Joel Chernoff - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joel Chernoff – Baruch Adonai chords


Em Am D Em AmBaruch Adonai, Elohey Yisrael Adonai
C D EmBlessed is the Lord
G Am C DMin haolam v'ad haolam
G Am C EmPraise His name forever and again
G Am C DMin haolam v'ad haolam
Em Am C B C C C C DBlessed is the Lord, the God of Israel ... hey!
Em C G DSo let the nations sing and praise Him
C G DAnd Yisrael will say amen
C G DSing all you nations halleluyah
Am D EmAnd Yisrael will say amen
Am Em DAnd Yisrael will say...
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