Joel Plaskett – Demons tab

I'm a keys player by trade, not a guitar player. I do like to dabble though, and I think 
is fairly accurate, although I know there are a few things that I couldn't pick up, but 
its a cover, make it your own.

I used Joel's myspace. The CD has not been released yet. Great song. I found the lyrics 
his website.


D Bm G D x2


D        Bm    G        D
My dark places no one goes
Lipstick traces on my clothes
All commanding higher power
A                          Bm                  G
Destroy my demons for the dreams that they devour

D        Bm      G            D
All these ghosts are haunting me
Hiding in my family tree
Help me father, help me mother
A                        Bm                  G    x2
Destroy my demons and the pain that they uncover

D                   Bm             G            A
Somebody come and save me, I’m sinking like a stone
D                   Bm
I don’t want to be abandoned
G                    A
I don’t want to be alone
G                         Em                E7
Somebody strip my soul of all this peeling paint
I don’t feel forgiven
         D   Dm
I feel faint

*Key switch here is tricky and hard to pick up by listening, go quickly into the 
below after the Dm above.

Flute Solo (I usually whistle it)

F Dm Bb F x2

F        Dm     Bb         F
In the space between our hearts
I got lost and you got smart
Hoping you would come and save me
C                          Dm                  Bb x2
Destroy my demons with the love they never gave me

C Dm Bb x2

Dm         C   Bb        Dm
My Dark, places, no one goes.
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