Joel Plaskett – Wishful Thinking tab

Band: Joel Plaskett
Song: Wishful Thinking
Album: Three
Tab by: B. Donovan

These are just the chords, listen to the song to get the drift.
This is my first tab, so any comments are welcome.
Good tune, enjoy it around a campfire.

e|-----------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------| This is the main part of the song, repeat g|-----------------------------------| again and again, played as a blues style riff.d|----7-7--7-7--7-7--7-7-------------| <------------a|----7-7--9-9--7-7--9-9-------------|E|----5-5--5-5--5-5--5-5-------------|
e|----4---2---0----------------------|b|----5---2---2----------------------| Strum these a bit after each verse.g|----6---2---2----------------------|d|----6---4---2----------------------|a|----4---4---0----------------------|E|----4---2---0----------------------|
e|--------------------------------4---2---0-----|b|--------------------------------5---2---2-----| Strum around for each of these g|--7-7-7-7-----------------------6---2---2-----| chords, listen to the song for d|--7-7-9-9--------7-7-7-7--------6---4---2-----| where to change, should be a|--5-5-5-5--------7-7-9-9--------4---4---0-----| easy to hear.E|-----------------5-5-5-5--------4---2---0-----|
Half way through the song, he moves everything up on whole step (2 frets). Same timing in changing the chords and everything. Verse:
I’m holding court with the king of the camp I’m a working horse, a postage stamp Tune up my guitar, turn on my amp I felt so sad when I got off the plane I don’t wanna go to New York City again Kissing you goodbye in the pissing rain But if wishful thinking’s all I got I keep on thinking wishful thoughts Thinking wishful thoughts I wish you were here, but you’re not I feel like a sailor lost on the seas Catching a cold, maybe catching a breeze Standing on the prairie looking for trees Rock and roll’s wrapped ‘round me as tight as a noose And from the front of the train you can’t see the caboose In northern New Brunswick watch out for the moose It’s a long, long way to Winnipeg And I ain’t too proud to shake a leg Sing for my supper, break me an egg Cds for sale at the back of the hall Buy one, buy ‘em all Couple bucks cheaper than they are at the mall Thank you, good night, we’ll be back in the fall! Seasons come and season go Nobody wants to end the rock n’ roll show Look at you, love, you got that Golden Glow North of the sun and south of the snow No particular destination, no particular plant to grow Buckle up baby, let’s rock down the road Highway white lines are freakin’ me out Wondering what your doin’, are you out and about? Gettin’ lost, gettin’ lost, gettin’ lost Gettin’ lost on the paper on my paper route Guitar’s singing a song for free: “Why’s everybody always picking on me?” Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
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