Joel Plaskett - Lying On A Beach tab


Lying On A Beach  Joel Plaskett

Riff: through all verses X5 X3 x1e|-----------------------------------|--------------------|------------------------|B|---0--0-----0--0-----0--0-----0--0-|---0--0------0--0---|----0---0-------0-0----|G|--4--4--4--4--4--4--5--5--5--5--5--|--7--7--7---9--9--9-|--11--11--11--11-11-11-|D|-----------------------------------|--------------------|------------------------|A|-2--2--2--2--2--2--3--3--3--3--3---|-5--5--5---7--7--7--|-9---9---9---9---9-9---|E|-----------------------------------|--------------------|------------------------|
The chorus progression goes like this. There is a part where the chorus sarts off a different (changes between 2 chords for a while). Chorus: G C G Em C Em A - D Tabbed by: matt Morash
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