Joey Kneiser – Adelina chords

Adelina by Joey Kneiser (from Glossary)
From the Album "The All-Night Bedroom Revival"
Tabbed by Justin Silliker (

Em riff----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|--2-h4---2-h4---2-h4--|--2-h4---2-h4---2-h4--|--0-h0---0-h0---0-h0--|
A riff----------------------|--2-h4---2-h4---2-h4--|--2-h4---2-h4---2-h4--|--2-h4---2-h4---2-h4--|--0-h0---0-h0---0-h0--|----------------------|
***you get the idea with the riffs just listen to the song for timing*** Chord index: Fm - 244xxx A5 - 577xxx Gm - 466xxx Cm - x466xx B7 - x212x2 Intro : Em riff, Fm (x2)
Em riff FmI was awaken to the sounds of the winds howlin moan
Em riff Fmlayin in a bed you once had called your own
A5 Gmnow I guess you were right, when you said
Cm Fmcan't save something once it's already dead
A riff B7adelina come back to bed
Em riff FmNow I remember when this town once made you feel so good
Em riff Fmand the sound of your feet dancing across the worn out wood
A5 Gmgetting high at your brothers house
C5 Fmkissin in the dark when the power went out
A riff B7adelina where are those days now
Solo: Em riff, Fm (x2) A5, Gm, Cm, Fm, A riff, B7
Em riff Fmand of all the ways to be wounded this is how it comes down
Em riff Fma pretty girl and a long kiss on the mouth
A5 G5before it don't kill you it makes you strong
Cm Fmid rather be dead or weaping alone
A riff B7adelina come back home
Em riff Fmyeah listen to the sound of this heart broken radio
Em riff Fmtransmitten through this house all soft and low
A5 Gm Cm Fmeverything gotta die, I guess that goes for you and I
A riff B7adelina at least we tried
A riff B7oh adelina at least we tried
Em riff
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