Joey Rory - To Say Goodbye chords

Capo 4

CHe said I'll call you Hon when I get there,
AmTen minutes later he was in the air,
FShe dropped the kids at school and headed home,
GWalked in and turned the front room TV on
CShe could tell that there was something wrong,
AmEvery channel had the same thing on,
FNow seven years have come and gone away,
GBut she's still hurting like its yesterday,
CĎCuz she wants to put her arms around his neck,
Amand look in his eyes so blue,
Fand say Honey I donít regret,
GA single day I spent with you,
CShe wants to tell him that she loves him so,
Amand will until the day she dies,
F GIt ainít that she canít let him go,
CShe just wants to say goodbye
He sits beside her in the nursing home, Through her silver hair he runs a comb, He hangs their wedding picture on the wall, She donít remember who he is at all, He tells her stories about the life theyíve lived, From their first kiss to their last grandkid, For seven months now she just sits and stares, But if she wakes up heís gonna be right there, ĎCuz he wants to put his arms around her neck, and look in her eyes so blue, and say Honey I wonít forget, a single day I spent with you, He wants to tell her that he loves her so, and will until the day he dies, it ain't that he can't let her go, He just wants to say goodbye
F GNo it ainít that we canít let them go,
CWe just want to say goodbye
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