John Bull – God Save The Queen chords

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God Save the Queen chords
UK National Anthem *

F Dm Gm C7 CGod save our gracious Queen,
F Dm Bb F DmLong live our noble Queen,
Gm F C FGod save the Queen:
FSend her victorious,
Gm Bb CHappy and glorious,
F Gm F CLong to reign over us:
Bb F C FGod save the Queen.
F Dm Gm C7 CO Lord, our God, arise,
F Dm Bb F DmScatter her enemies,
Gm F C FAnd make them fall.
FConfound their politics,
Gm Bb CFrustrate their knavish tricks,
F Gm F COn Thee our hopes we fix,
Bb F C FGod save us all.
F Dm Gm C7 CThy choicest gifts in store,
F Dm Bb F DmOn her be pleased to pour;
Gm F C FLong may she reign:
FMay she defend our laws,
Gm Bb CAnd ever give us cause
F Gm F CTo sing with heart and voice
Bb F C FGod save the Queen.
* Alternate: Capo III F = D Dm = Bm Gm = Em C7 = A7 C = A Bb = G Set8
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