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"WISHES" by John Butcher.

This is the intro in tab and then the rest of the song is easy to pick up
by just listening to it. Don't follow the notation for the rhythm it's not
tabbed to be accurate in that respect.  If you're into Hendrix then you'll
like to play this one; the influence shows in Butcher's playing.
Later days!

                               * WISHES *

(D) (A)E|| ----5----------------------------|---------0--------------------------|B|| ----5----------------------------|-------0-0--0-----------------3-----|G||o----7-------7---7h9p7------------|-----6---6------------2-------------|D||o----7------7-9---------9-7-9-----|---7-----7----------2---4-2h4---4p2-|A|| -5-----5sl9----------------------|-0-------0-----0sl4-----------------|E|| ---------------------------------|------------------------------------|
(1) _______________ |
(Bm7) (G)E| ---------2-----------------------|------3-5p3---3------------------|B| -------3-3--3---2-3p2------------|-----0------5--------------------|G| -----2---2------------2---2-2p2--|----0------------5p4p0-----------|D| ---4-----4----4-------sl4-------4|---0-----------------------------|A| -2-------2-----------------------|---------------------------------|E| ---------------------------------|-3-------------------------------|
(2) _______________ |
(C) (D) (G)E| --------------------------------||------3--------5-----------------|B| ---5--5--5----------------------||-----3--3------3-----------------|G| ---5--5--5h7-------------------o||----0----0-----0-----------------|D| ---5--5--5h7-------------------o||---0------0----0-----------------|A| --------------------------------||---------------------------------|E| --------------------------------||-3-------------3-----------------|
(1) (2) VERSE: In 4/4 time _____________ | | ||: D | D | A | Bm7 | Bm7 | G | G C :|| G BRIDGE: Bbadd9 | Bbadd9 | Cadd9 | D/C# | Bm7 | A | G | G | Bm7/A | A CHORUS: D | D F# G A | A | Bm7 (then repeat) ^ ^ ^ These three notes are in 5ths Notation: P.M. = palm mute sl = slide h = hammer on p = pull-off
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