John Butler Trio – Fool For You tab

Artist: John Butler Trio
Song: Fool For You
Album: April Uprising
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed By: Brendan McLarty

Very basic song, you can use the basic chord progression and build off of it in  many 

Intro/Verse (Listen to song for strumming pattern and mutes)|---------||---------||---------||---5-9-7-||-5-3-7-5-||-3-------|p.m.
Chorus (Again, listen for strumming)|---------||---5-8-7-||-4-5-9-7-||-5-5-9-7-||-5-3-7-5-||-3-------|
Bridge (Again, listen for strumming)|----------||-5-7-8----||-5-7-9-11-||-5-7-9-12-||-3-5-7-12-||-------10-|
Bridge B ((Again, listen for strumming)|------||-5----||-5-11-||-5-12-||-3-12-||---10-|
Order: Verse x10 (bass and drums enter after 6 times) Chorus x4 Verse x8 Bridge x2 Chorus x4 Verse x8 (bass and drums enter after 4 times) Bridge x3 Bridge B x 1 Chorus (Play until end of song)
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