John Cougar Mellencamp – Small Town chords

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Small Town chords
John Cougar Mellencamp

C G F  G x4 *

C G F GWell, I was born in a small town,
C G F Gand I live in a small town
C G AmProbably die in a small town;
Dm GOh those small communities
C G F GAll my friends are so small town
C G F GMy parents live in the same small town
C G AmMy job is so small town,
Dm Gprovides little opportunity
C G F G x2
C G F GEducated in a small town;
C G F Gtaught the fear of Jesus in a small town
C G AmUsed to daydream in that small town;
Dm Ganother boring romantic, that's me
C G F GBut I've seen it all in a small town;
C G F Ghad myself a ball in a small town
C G AmMarried an L.A. doll and brought her to this small town;
Dm Gnow she's small town just like me
F C F CNo I cannot forget from where it is that I come from,
F C GI cannot forget the people who love me
F C F CYeah, I can be myself here in this small town,
F C Gand people let me be just what I wanna be
C G F G x2 Am G/C F/C Am G/C G Am G/C F/C G C
C G F GGot nothing against a big town;
C G F Gstill hayseed enough to say look who's in the big town?
C G AmBut my bed is in a small town;
Dm GOh, and that's good enough for me
C G F GWell I was born in a small town,
C G F Gand I can breathe in a small town
C G AmGonna die in this small town;
Dm Gand that's probably where they'll bury me
C G F G x3 C G F * Alternate: C = A G = E F = D Am = F#m Dm = Bm Set8
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