John Denver – How Can I Leave tab

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Subject: TAB: How Can I Leave...  (John Denver)
Date: 25 Oct 1997 20:24:01 -0700


D  Em  A  A7sus4

In a spaceship over the mountains
        Em7        G             D
chasing rainbows in the setting sun
         G        Em7           D      Bm
leaving heart and home for the city of angels
  Em7                A
I feel my life is undone

There are pathways winding below me
    Em7           G              D
In pleasure I've gone where they go
         G    Em7       D          Bm
In the quiet stillness, I can hear symphonies,
    Em7                 A
the loveliest music I know


Em7        A          D    Bm
How can I leave you again?
  Em7            A        F#m7  Bm
I must be clear out of my mind
Em7       F#m               G
Lost in a storm I've gone blind
    Em7        A          D
Oh, how can I leave you again?


         Em7                          D
Oh, it's been a long time since I've listened
      Em7                            D
still longer since I've walked with you
         Em7                        D
For the first time I know what I'm missing
     Em              C      A  A7sus
Some answers are no longer true..... so I

(Verse 2)

question the course that I follow
    Em7        G          D
I'm doubtful, deep in despair
    G       Em7            D       Bm
My heart is filled with impossible notions
       Em7               A
Can it be you no longer care?

Still I ride on the wings of a high wind
         Em7         G       D
blowing steady and strong behind me
         G       Em7         D          Bm
As the clouds surrender, my fate is for certain --
      Em7                     A
I'm a sailor who runs to the sea... but    (to chorus)
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