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Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 12:34:27, -0500
Subject: whispering_jesse_by_john_denver

song: Whispering Jesse
artist: John Denver
album: Higher Ground
transcribed: Ken Reynolds

I was saddened by the recent loss of John Denver and the songs that
will never be.  This selection is a song by John for his daughter.  I
hope you all enjoy it.

Whispering Jesse
John Denver       (klr)

D               G     A     Bm  G              D
I often had wandered, in deep contemplation
G  A                  D      A     G     Bm                   A
It seems that the mind runs wild when you?re all alone
       G               D           G     A               D
The way that it could be, the ways that it should be
  G            A    D-A-G                  A            D
Things I?d do differently, if I could do them again

D                           G     A     Bm   G           D
I?ve always loved springtime, the passing of winter
G      A                D  A-G          Bm          A
The green of the new leaves and life goin? on
         G              D          G    A                  D
The promise of morning, the long days of summer
  G        A           D   A-G     A                       D
Warm nights of loving her, beneath the bright stars

D                     G     A     Bm   G         D
I?m just an old cowboy, from high Colorado
G    A       D     A-G             Bm       A
To old to ride anymore, too blind to see
    G               D           G-A                 D
I sleep in the city now, away from my mountains
G -A              D-A-G      A                  D
Away from the cabin we always called home

D   G           D            G       A         D
I dreamed I left there, on an old palamino
G    A        D-A-G       Bm             A
Whispering Jesse rode right by my side
    G         D          G   A                 D
I long to hold her, to hear her soft breathing
G      A                 D-A-G         A               D
The touch of her cool hand, on my fevered brow

G - A - D       G - A - D      G - A - Bm - G - A

   A           D-A-G       A                  D
Whispering Jesse, still rides in the mountains
G            A            D       G    A             D
Still sings in the canyons, still lives in my heart
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