John Denver – Goodbye Again tab

Verse 1

G              D        G               C             G
It's five o' clock this morning and the sun is on the rise
                   D      G              C              D7
There's frosting on the window pane and sarrow in your eyes
G              D      G       C               G
The stars are fading quietly, night is nearly gone
           D    G                C              D
And so you turn away from me and tears begin to come...


Am           D          G     D     G
It's goodbye again, I'm sorry to be leavin' you
Am       D        G        D      G
Goodbye again, in case you didn't know 
     Am      D           G    D    G 
It's goodbye again, and I wish you could tell me
     C           Am                   D
Why do we always fight when I have to go?

Verse 2

It seems a shame to leave you now you lay so soft and warm
I long to lay me down again and hold you in my arms
I long to kiss the tears away, give you back your smile
But other voices beakon me and for a little while...



          G               C 
I have to go and see some friends of mine.
G        D        G     C               Am               E E7 Am Am7
Some that I don't know, some who aren't familiar with my name.
     C                Am                G       D    G
It's something that's inside of me, not hard to understand.
          C             Cmaj7        D7
It's just anyone who'll listen to me sing.


Verse 3

So if your hours are empty now, who am I to blame?
You think if I were always here, our love would be the same?
And as it is the time we have, is worth the time alone.
But lying by your side's the greatest peace I've ever known.

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