John Denver – Wildflowers In A Mason Jar tab

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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 15:18:08 -0800 (PST)
From: "M. Schweisthal" 
Subject: Chords/Lyrics to "Wildflowers in a Mason Jar" by John Denver

"Wildflowers in a Mason Jar" as performed by John Denver
Brought to you by Mike Schweisthal []

Chords used: D:XX0232  G:320003  A:X02220

NOTE:  I don't know how to do tablature very well, so you'll have to
listen to the song and fiddle with D, G and A suspendeds to get the same
sound that John Denver does on his intro...note that the same "riff" that
you play as an intro comes at the end of each chorus...a '|' mark
indicates a measure break...enjoy!--Mike

INTRO:  | D | G A |

 G               D              A                        D
January back in '55 we rode a Greyhound bus through the Georgia midnight
  G            D              A
Grandpa was sleeping and the winter sky was clear
G         D                        A                    D
We hit a bump and his head jerked back a little and he mumbled something
G            D               A
He woke up smiling, but his eyes were bright with tears
                   D            G           D
	Said, "I dreamed I was back on the farm...
        G              A                    D            A
	20 years have passed, boy, but the memory still warms me...
      G       A           D              G  A
	Wildflowers in a Mason Jar..."
    G                  D                A              D
He told me those old stories about that one-room cabin in Kentucky
      G           D            A
The smell of the rain and the warm earth in his hands
     G                 D                  A                D
He slowly turned and stared outside; his face was mirrored in the window
G           D              A
And his reflection flew across the moonlit land
                 D             G           D
	And he dreamed he was back on the farm
         G                  A              D              A
	Tilts his head and listens to the early sound of morning
      G       A           D         G  A
	Wildflowers in a Mason Jar
   G               D                  A                 D
An old man and an eight-year-old boy rolling down that midnight highway
 G        D               A
Kentucky memories from a winter Georgia night
G           D                A                  D
I started drifting off and Grandpa tucked his coat around me
    G                D          A
I think I tried to smile as I slowly closed my eyes
                 D           G               D
	And I dreamed I was with him on the farm
           G              A               D               A
	"Grandpa, I can hear the evening wind out in the corn...
      G       A           D            G  A
	Wildflowers in a Mason Jar...
      G       A           D            G  A
	Wildflowers in a Mason Jar...
      G       A           D            G  A
	Wildflowers in a Mason Jar..."
         G            A          D
And the bus rolled through the night...
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