John Denver – Darcy Farrow chords

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Darcy Farrow chords
John Denver  (Tom Campbell and Steve Gillette 1965)

Capo I *

E E7 A E  E7 E B  E E7 A E  A E A E

E E7 A EWhere the walker runs down to the Carson Valley Plain
E7 E BThere lived a maiden, Darcy Farrow was her name
E E7 A EThe daughter of old Dundee and a fair one was she
A E A EThe sweetest flower that bloomed over the range
E E7 A EHer voice was as sweet as the sugar candy
E7 E BHer touch was as soft as a bed of goose down
E E7 A EHer eyes shone bright like the pretty lights
A E A EThat shine in the night out of Yerrington town
E E7 A EShe was courted by Young Vandamere
E7 E BA fine lad was he as I am to hear
E E7 A EHe gave her silver rings and lacy things
A E A EAnd she promised to wed before the snows came that year
E E7 A EBut her pony did stumble and she did fall
E7 E BHer dying touched the hearts of us one and all
E E7 A EYoung Vandy in his pain put a bullet through his brain
A E A EAnd we buried them together as the snows began to fall
E E7 A E E7 E B E E7 A E A E A E
E E7 A EThey sing of Darcy Farrow where the Truckee runs through
E7 E BThey sing of her beauty in Virginia City too
E E7 A EAt dusky sundown to her name they drink a round
A E A EAnd to young Vandy whose love was true
E E7 A E * Alternate: Capo III E = D E7 = D7 A = G B = A Set8
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