John Fogerty – Premonition tab


Riff 1
I-----33-2------------|I-111-33-3-1----------|I-222-00-2-2----------|I-222-00---2----------|next to intro and all the verseI-----22--------------|I-----33--------------|
I-000000-333333-222222-0000--|I-111111-333333-333333-1111--|I-222222-000000-222222-2222--|I-222222-000000--------2222--|repeat all the coroI-000000-222222--------0000--| and next return to riff 1I--------333333--------------|
Intro x 1 Riff 1 x 4 Riff 1 x all verse Coro x 2 Riff 1 x 4 Riff 1 x all the verse Coro x 2 Riff 1 x4 Solo: i dident have the solo in this moment Riff 1 x all the verse Coro x 2 Coro x 2 Edn Enjoy ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ This tab transcribed by Evoli
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