John Fogerty – Bad Moon Rising tab

This Is My First Tab Kiiyah Nehbash

Song: Bad Moon Rising
Artist: John Fogerty
Album: Premonition

Tabster: Julian House Goh Ahh Ouwan Mak Meen?:P

This is for the "BEGINNER'S"

Chord: D 1 2 3 e|-----|--D--|-----|---1B|-----|-----|--D--|---2G|-----|--D--|-----|---3D|-----|-----|-----|---4A|-----|-----|-----|---5E|-----|-----|-----|---6
Chord: A 1 2 3 e|-----|-----|-----|---1B|-----|--A--|-----|---2G|-----|--A--|-----|---3D|-----|--A--|-----|---4A|-----|-----|-----|---5E|-----|-----|-----|---6
Chord: G 1 2 3 e|-----|-----|--G--|---1B|-----|-----|--G--|---2G|-----|-----|-----|---3D|-----|-----|-----|---4A|-----|--G--|-----|---5E|-----|-----|--G--|---6
------------------------------------------------------ Intro: DD(D)D A G D. ( )=Start From The Bottom D A G D I see A bad moon rising D A G D I see trouble on the way D A G D I see earthquakes and lightning D A G D I see bad times today (chorus) G Don't go around tonight D Its bound to take your life A G D Theres a bad moon on the rise D G D I hear hurricanes A blowing D A G D I know the end is coming soon D A G D I fear rivers over Flowing D A G D i hear the voice of rage and ruin (chorus) D A G D Hope you got your things together D A G D Hope you are quite prepared to die D A G D Looks like we're in for nasty weather D A G D One eye is taken for an eye (chorus) (chorus) Chisasibi Rock's!!!, lol..Agoodah Bye.
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