John Frusciante – Tiny Dancer tab

Tiny dancer (Elton John Cover)

This was taken from a live concert of the Chili Peppers when Flea and Anthony talked
a funk rock song and bands from the early 70s and they argue with it and then after 
John Frusciante played this song from Elton John, specifically chorus of the song. It
goes like this:

F	     C 		Dm
  Hold me closer tiny dancer

Am-F		  C			Dm
     I count the headlights on the highway

F	     C			Dm
  Lay me down in sheets of linen

Am-F  	        C	     Dm
     You have a busy day today whoahowhoawhow

Repeat twice

Chord Pattern:

	E  A  D  G  B  e

F:	x  8  7  x  6  x

C:	x  10 10 9  9  x

Dm:	x  x  7  7  6  5

Am:	x  7  7  x  5  x

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