John Frusciante – Penetrate Time tab

Riff 1 - (is played four times over the first verse)first part second parte|-----5---------------------|---5-------------------------|B|------------------5---5h7--|---------------5-----5h7-----|G|---------6-----------------|-------6---------------------|D|---4---4-------------------|-4---4-----------------------|A|----------------4---4------|-------------4---4/5---------|E|---------------------------|-----------------------------|
Flying over the black town Forces call to me to get right down Work it out again to catch my trout Throw it in these effects unpacked A Bmin Ground Breaks, direction C#min D No one else could penetrate time /Riff 1/ - (played once) /Riff 1 - first part/ (played twice) Learn you to move the grass above all time Past moving up and all futures go back /Riff 1 - second part/ (played twice) Look at where you are you find no trace of time Going in around in the only places you're free /Riff 1/ Low birds, you were the full taste to this from downtown /Riff 1/ A Bmin C#min D F#min Lou Bergs, you were the full taste to this from downtown A F#min A F#min* A You say what you want it was yours till you die F#min A To come up, you float down F#min A I drew and agony fall F#min A You grow back with your face down F#min* A The breast bone it feels Bmin C#min D You glow bright and you will always hear this sound
Riff 2e|-----5---------------------|---------------9-----5h7-----|B|----------------5-----5h7--|-----------------------------|G|---------6-----------------|-----6-----------------------|D|---4---4-------------------|---------7-------------------|A|--------------4---4/5------|-------------7---7\5---------|E|---------------------------|---5---5---------------------|
Riff 3 A E De|-----5---------------------|-----------------------------|B|----------------5-----5h7--|--------9----7---------------|G|---------6-----------------|---6----9----7---------------|D|---4---4-------------------|---7----9----7---------------|A|--------------4---4/5------|---7----7----5---------------|E|---------------------------|---5-------------------------|
Riff 4e|-----5---------------------|-----------------------------|B|----------------5-----5h7--|---------------9-----7-------|G|---------6-----------------|-----6-----------------------|D|---4---4-------------------|---------7-------------------|A|--------------4---4/5------|-------------7---7\5---------|E|---------------------------|---5---5---------------------|You can always have this back
/Riff 2/ It's so hard to make joy so sad /Riff 1 - second part without its last note/ You can always just stand back A It's a hearts Bmin That make it C#min D A Grow down on faces *F#min with your little finger on the fourth fret on the string e. Note: I like this song very much but I haven't found a good tab for this song so I was it unbidden in this way. This is my first tab, hope you like it. If it's not correct or found some mistakes please write to me ( I think tuning is better your tuner calibrated on 438Hz but you can play it in standard tuning, of course. Thanks John.
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