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John Frusciante – Unchanging chords

John Frusciante



PM (palm mute) 
G  D  Em  (Em5  Em6  Em5  Em6) x2   (listen to song for rhytm)

G D Em Cmaj7And we will show that wherever you are
G C G that is where all time starts
G D Em Cmaj7It's a pleasure to die a pleasure to be gone
G D G Into the sky we move on
Bm Em Cmaj7 G D EmLife is unchanging It let me go
Bm Em Cmaj7 Em D Em Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Life gave me up and I have no control
I have no control repeat intro Verse 2 Everything goes a way that I do not I clean up the clouds I ride I've never been up where I see the others climb Seems like it must be nice Chorus 2 Laughters an ugly friend of mine We share the best and the worst of times Verse 3 (bridge)
G D Bm Cmaj7Everyone goes where they belong
G D Em Cmaj7 Nobody goes elswhere
G D Bm Cmaj7Never much thought goes to being
Em D Em Cmaj7right or wrong
Em D Em Cmaj7right or wrong
Solo: (bu - bend up, bd - bend down) (note: capo 4, so first note is actually on 11th fret)
e +---7bu8bd7-----5----5/7\--------------------+B +--------------------------------7---8-------+
e +---7bu8bd7-----5----5/7\--------------------+ B +--------------------------------5-----------+
e +----7bu8bd7---/10------8-7--------------7---+B +--------------------------------7---8-------+
e +---12p10--------12p10--------12p10----------+ B +--------12-12--------12-12--------12-12-----+
e +---12p10--------12p10--------12p10----------+ B +--------12-12--------12-12--------12-12-----+
chords over the solo are: (basically same as bridge) G D Bm Cmaj7 G D Em Cmaj7 G D Bm Cmaj7 Em D Em Cmaj7 Em D Em Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 G (end) Chords used:
Cmaj7: x32000 or x3545x or x35450Em5: 02xxxx
Em6: 04xxxx Notes: John probably plays this song without a capo, so you could do that also, then song goes
B F# G#m , and so on.I took this solo from another site, so it's not mine, but sounds good to me.
Email: satir3@net.hr Frusciantelove
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