John Frusciante - Tiny Dancer Acoustic tab

I dont know if this is the way John plays tiny dancer but it sounds great.
Not trying to be cocky or anything but sounds alot better than the other tabs i've seen out there.
The chords are tough just to let you know.

Standard Tuning

F major chord C major Chord D minor Chord Fill he addsE ---5----------------------5------------------5----------------------------|B ---6----------------------5------------------6----------------------------|G ---5----------------------5------------------7----------------------------|D ---7----------------------5------------------7----------------------------|A ---8----------------------7------------------5-------------------5--7--8--|E ---xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx---8-------------------x---------------------------|
2nd time around he playF major chord C major Chord G Major Chord john plays the chord thisE ---5----------------------5------------------3-----------<<<---------| wayB ---6----------------------5------------------3-----------------------|<<<<G ---5----------------------5------------------4-----------------------|<<<<D ---7----------------------5------------------5-----------------------|<<<<A ---8----------------------7------------------5-----------------------|<<<<E ---xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx--8-------------------x-----------------------|
Hope you enjoyed playing this song , When you get to the C major chord try not to bend the note on the 6th string . It happens since you will be using your pinky finger but just letting you know because then it will sound bad.
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