John Frusciante – Moments Have You tab

John Frusciante - Moments Have You 3:29-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
L & M: John FruscianteTrack 15 From:To Record Only Water For Ten Days2001 Niandra Lades BMI Music.Transcribed By Leandro
A E D All around you is to feel and watch you A E D They make patterns to peel the sound Bm A E And I find it a pain that goes along Bm A E With being in chaos's order A E D I've a feild now to realize in A E D Watch the main jump It has fears of Bm A E you being there rising up Bm A E Like who you're introduced to saying goodbye F#m A E All again and you're always free now F#m A E I didn't fake this so you could fade away Bm F#m E I've been careful to take what I've spent Bm F#m E I remember every end -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Repeat Verse and Chorus-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
I'm pretending to face something I've been looking straight in it's eyes Moments have you to play around with Cuz inside actions there's no time I'll evade you create a reason I hear you inside a space An instant is forever now A futures fluctuates Glimpse your motion Sitting down It's like framing a pear Or saving sounds I defy you to realize it How shattering creates a song I've been used to help the body Of work that will never be A lapse of the most confused kind Has reserved feelings jumping around This first type plays around the souls They have fun with everyone you know Ending: A E F#m A knot only found A E Never made Bm F#m E Bm Everyday we reload feelings D E When we play Outro: F#m D E Bm E F#m D E Bm E Chords: -=-=-=-
A D E Bm F#mE|--0--|--2--|--0--|--2--|--2--|B|--2--|--3--|--0--|--3--|--2--|G|--2--|--2--|--1--|--4--|--2--|D|--2--|--0--|--2--|--4--|--4--|A|--0--|--X--|--2--|--2--|--4--|e|--X--|--X--|--0--|--X--|--2--|
Produce By John FruscianteMixed By Jimmy BoyledMixing Assisted By Brian GrimmelMastered By Vlado Meller At Sony Music Studio, New York.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=--
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