John Frusciante – Mascara chords

Tuning: Half-Step Down 

Gm Bb There's a bright red sun dripping through a porthole
C Cm In a set design
Bb F Can you read your name?
Cm Gm It's been so long since we bloomed from the inside
Ab Cm Db E E F# So where have you been since you fell off the flat edge
G# E F#Of the world under an ugly sky
G# E F# You've been lying right
G# There claiming you
E F# E E F#dance under the moonlight
G# E F# To what you think is a song but it's all flesh and
G# E F#Blood of a dismembered groin thats been blee-
G# E F# Eding for thousands of your years
Am Am/E x4
Am Am/E F C Am Am/E Am (E on 6th String)Fdim7 You felt like crystal in your thighs
Am Am/E F C Am Am/E Am Am/E You're the one that makes me realize
F C Big water flowing blue till tomorrow
F C Bb Ab GApples and cake must have been your stake You little duck house
Am Am/E Am Am/E Makes me feel like I'm alive
Am Am/E F C Am Am/E Am (E on 6th String)Fdim7 You're hidden by your wooden legs
Am Am/E F C Am Am/E Am Am/E Stay here in down at the world's edge, all the time
F C It always makes me feel good to know you're alive
F C Bb Ab G Your wrapping your ties
Cm Eb Bb Ab Cm Eb Bb Ab I've been insane well the time is slow
Cm Eb Bb Ab G The Pope don't matter when the pawn is your sea, don't you agree?
Cm Eb Bb Ab When you're around I'm wound around your thumb.
Cm Eb Bb Ab You wanna be numb
Cm Eb Bb Ab G Inside the gun.
(G)To you I'm sure it's no surprise that
Cm I Could be one of the dead thank god m underwear's full
of lead without you without you |-------------------------------------||---------------------------------(4)-||---------------------------------(5)-||---------------------------------(5)-||---6----------6-------------------3--||-------6---6-----4--------------3----|
Outro (Outside space):
Fm Bbme|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-14p13----13----------------------16p14-13-14--13-----------13-----|G|-------13-----13--------13------------------------13----13-----13--|D|-----------------15-13-----15------------------------15------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ab Bbm C#e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-14p13----13---------------------16p14-13-14--13-----------13------|G|-------13-----13--------13b-r--------------------13----13------13--| D|-----------------15-13-------15---------------------15-------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Ce|-------------------|B|-------------------| G|-13-12----13-12----| D|-------10-------10-|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
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