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John Frusciante – An Exercise tab

Album: Will To Death
Artist: John Frusciante
Song: An Exercise

This is my favourite track from this album. It's one of my first tabs so please rate it 
let me know if there are any mistakes:


Bm F#m G
Bm A G
Bm F#m G x2

The intro riff goes something like this.....E-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------|D---------------------7/9\7-----------------|A-7/9-9-9-12-99-12-99--------9999999--------|E-----------------------------------10-9-7--|
Bm D A Bm F#m G Learning theres nothing to gain from advice Bm D A Bm F#m G Hey doubt, come on around any time D G A Bm F#m G Anyhow mistakes are what lead you through life Bm A G Bm (RIFF See below) Down and out's only if you think up and in's right Bm D A Bm F#m G I've gone along with the sins that are versions of you Bm D A Bm F#m G But guidlines were all I had time to get through D G A Bm F#m G It's like reading of love that's gone wrong Bm If time was laid out like that D A Bm (RIFF) Everything would occur at once A G Bm F#m And all the laws were laid down twice A G Bm F#m And the clouds were doubled in the sky A G Bm F#m And being tall meant lacking height A G Bm F#m G And being wrong meant being right Bm You're perfect D A Bm F#m G You fit snuggly right in the lie Bm D A Bm F#m G One host is going to teach how to die D Lay down G A Bm F#m G The darkness tonight is so bright Bm A G Bm (RIFF) Reasons There's one for each time cars collide A G Bm F#m I hear that telling moments divide A G Bm F#m And the only important moments A G Bm F#m Are the in between times A G Bm F#m And being confused is an exercise F#m G Bm I'm missing your thoughts tonight F#m A G Bm But we reach out to what's out of our sight F#m G Bm I'm missing your thoughts tonight F#m A G Bm But we reach out to what's out of our sight The riff can be played two ways depending what you feel is right: -
riff----------------------------------|----------------------------------|---4-2-4-2-4-4-2-4-2--------------|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|----------------------------------| OR
Riff (Bm & Bm7)
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