John Frusciante – In Relief tab

Artist: John Frusciante
Album: Shadows Collide With People
Song: In Relief

Another good song from shadows. John's simple voice moves me every time I hear this. In 
part of "G- G F# Em" between verses you should only pick the E string (the bass note)

Tabbed by Aske Saxe, Denmark

Tuning: standard
Chords used:

C	x32010
D	xx0232
G	x5543x
F	x3321x
Am	x02210
Em	x22000

     G             F      C
To seem you're in me and over me
   E      Am
Relief in all things
          F             Em
And all things shoot through me
           D           C
And all things shoot through you
Wherever you are

     G             F              C
To seem you're a dream when you never stop
    E           Am
And we ask you what you are
   F       Em
Believe as one
   D        C
Believe as one with
What you believe in

Travel slowly
 Em       Am
Move in circles
          Em         Am       G
You know time grows old in reverse

G - G F# Em

 Life as a thing that began
          Am Em
And was magnified
     Am            Em
And made the fist fire and the last one

    G        F           C
To mean everything you never say
               E           Am
Every single thing going every way
           F       Em
When you leader's gone
     D                 C
He means to make you strong
He never went away
              F           Em Am
Cuz what you need you are

Em - Am - Em - Am - G
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